Poland is the place to be for IOS App Development

When it comes to the exciting world of IOS development, what might surprise some people is that Poland is the place to be, right now. With regards to IOS development Poland and its innovative mobile app technology market, is growing at an extraordinary rate. Some of the most innovative and fastest growing founders of IOS development in Poland are shown below.

Top 3 IOS development Poland companies

Ready 4S

Based in Cracow, Poland, this mobile app developer employs up to 49 people and won the prestigious Mobile App Developer of the Year award in 2015. They have made apps such as VistaSmart, a fruit playing app that is popular with children, and ExtraFree that allows you to control electrical operations such as electric gates, roller blinds and LED lights.

The Software House

This company are based in Gliwice, Poland, and employ anywhere up to 249 people. They are predominantly responsible for the PAAY Mobile wallet and revolutionary payments app. The app can be used for both IOS and Android phones,


This company is based in Wroclaw, Poland and employs anywhere up to 49 people. This European app design company where founded in 2009. Top apps include Wheedle, that helps the user to find bars, restaurants and clubs and who can then rate them.

FoodWiz is an application that is used for research purposes. It looks at the eating habits of UK residents. This app conducts scientific studies regarding the eating habits of UK residents, and their related health and nutritional consequences. The app is used as a tool for nutritionists to work with theft patient to a goal of better health.

So it really does seem that the IOS development Poland market is booming and the place to be for those wanting to start out on their creative journey.