Learning and applying interior design basics

When wanting to undertake interior design within your home, it is important that you learn and apply interior design basics. Drawing inspiration from interior designers in London, we share with you the basics, so that you can apply them in your own home.


As any interior designer in London will inform you, understanding colour and the importance of the colour palette is key to perfecting interior design. You need to learn what colours are soft, hard, warm and cool. You then need to learn how to blend them together in a space. This takes time and practice. In essence colour can create the mood of a room and create the illusion of space.


Texture is all about the feel of the room. Interior design in London professionals use texture throughout the whole home. From carpeting and wall coverings all the way to furniture. Texture can make a room quite literally come alive.

Focal point

Every room needs to have a focal point. Interior designers in London tend to use a focal point in the room to highlight a particular aspect or area. So for example a beautiful bay window with a stunning view or a fireplace. Furniture is usually placed into the room with the aim of drawing the eye to that focal point. The rest of the decor will then be worked around it.


Proportion and scale are extremely important components to the interior designer in London. What this basically means is that furniture, accessories and other furnishings are in proportion to the rest of the room. For example you do not want to place large chairs and a sofa into a small living room.


When designing a space, interior design in London professionals always keep to mind the fact that all aspects of the room need to blend together. So when adding a new chair or bookcase, they need to blend in with the rest of the room to create the overall look.

Learning interior design basics gives you the knowledge to implement them in your own home. This enables you to create beautiful and practical living spaces.

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