How to Find the Right Interior Design School For You

If you’re settled on a career in interior design, deciding on the right school or college can be a challenge. No two course syllabuses are the same, and each offer their own unique perks and benefits. Those looking to study interior design in the UK capital are spoiled for chance, with dozens of colleges, universities and dedicated design schools offering a variety of courses, tailor-made for every budding interior design extraordinaire.

Study interior design in London

Whether you’re starting your studies, or pursuing higher qualifications and courses, the UK capital remains one of the best places to study interior design. The Inchbald School of Design, Chelsea College of Arts and The Interior Design School are just a few of the historic institutions in the capital, where dozens of the most renowned interior designers in London have studied.

Become an interior designer in London

It’s easier to become an interior designer in London than you think, with a variety of courses, each tailor-made to meet the budget and schedule of any prospective student. You can choose a schedule of evening classes that don’t clash with your work diary, or jump straight into a daily syllabus with full-time courses. It’s surprisingly affordable to study interior design in London, with grants and bursaries for qualifying students, and affordable alternatives to Bachelors or Masters of Art qualifications.

Upgrade your interior design knowledge in London

If you’re already an interior designer based in the capital looking to polish up on their skills, it’s easy to find higher education courses and advanced classes that’ll add an impressive finish to your portfolio. Study alongside other interior designers in London to learn advanced skills and case studies so you can start commanding a premium once you hit the market as a fully qualified interior designer.

Wherever you are in London, you’ll find dozens of places to study top interior designers¬†,¬†right on your doorstep. From historic art colleges and institutions in the heart of the capital, to more affordable evening classes and workshops, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect study environment to take your interior design credentials to the next level. Explore new schools and colleges online, with hundreds of helpful reviews and testimonials from previous students to help you make your mind up.

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